Running a business, especially as a solopreneur, takes a lot of work and it can often be difficult to take time off. A day off here and there you can make work, but the thought of a week off takes planning and strategy to make happen. It’s often not as simple as it seems.

First, you need to advise your clients in advance and make sure that their needs are met so they won’t have any “issues” arise during your time away. Many times we put in extra time leading up to our vacation and immediately upon our return so it doesn’t always feel like we even had a vacation.

Often our income takes a hit because when we are away there is no income for our business (especially those of you trading dollars for hours).

The amazing thing is this doesn’t have to be the way … you can have your vacation and make money too!! There is a solution and it’s a simple one. (Well actually two solutions). #1 you need to document your systems and processes so others can step in and assist you and then #2 you need to find someone you trust (or can learn to trust) to step in during your absence.

The fastest path to success in your business is to know that growth happens when you create a business that runs both with and without you … not only can your business survive ANYTIME you want a break, but it can also thrive!

To learn more about how you can create a business that thrives, I invite you to chat with me and I will answer your questions about systems and processes … about how to create that thriving business so you can finally take all the time off you want (and deserve)!!

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