Do It Yourself Manuals

“When I started my business I was told to read the book “E-Myth Revisited” (which I recommend you read if you haven’t) and as I was reading the book I thought to myself “this all makes a ton of sense, but how on earth do I begin to create my operator’s manual…”

So, as I created my own operator’s manual, I began to document the process. This is the same process I use with my clients today.

Here’s the best part …

I am ready to share that process with you too so you can create your own operator’s manual for your business.

To make the process easier for you, I have broken it down into the 9 different areas or departments I see in most businesses.

Each area or department is available to purchase individually so you can work on one area at a time without feeling overwhelmed, or you can purchase the entire business essentials package for one great price.”

Yvonne Weld, CEO

What You Get

A fillable template to download (available in Microsoft Word format for PC)

A Supplemental Guide in PDF format should you prefer to use your own format to create your SOPs

Additional Departments Available Soon

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