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Do It Yourself Manuals

“When I started my business I was told to read the book “E-Myth Revisited” (which I recommend you read if you haven’t) and as I was reading the book I thought to myself “this all makes a ton of sense, but how on earth do I begin to create my operator’s manual…”

So, as I created my own operator’s manual, I began to document the process. This is the same process I use with my clients today.

Here’s the best part …

I am ready to share that process with you too so you can create your own operator’s manual for your business.

To make the process easier for you, I have broken it down into the 9 different areas or departments I see in most businesses.

Each area or department is available to purchase individually so you can work on one area at a time without feeling overwhelmed, or you can purchase the entire business essentials package for one great price.”

Yvonne Weld, CEO

What You Get

A fillable template to download (available in Microsoft Word format for PC)

Videos for each section of the manual walking you through exactly how and where to find the information to complete it

Additional Departments Available

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