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Who is The Weld Group?

We work with business owners who have no systems or structure in place. The business owner themself is a pivotal part of the business because they are the subject matter expert – everything in the business is tied to them.

As a result, they believe they will never be able to scale their business, they don’t think they can train people to do exactly what they do in the exact same manner and as a result, and they are losing the passion for their business.

They keep hiring more people thinking this will help them to grow, but the reality is they can only ever grow as big as they (the subject matter expert) can handle.

This is the biggest hindrance to them ever fulfilling their vision for their business and finding the success they dream about. In fact, it’s the biggest fragility in their business because if the owner dies, so does their business.

Often because their spouse is also involved in the business, they are noticing the effect the demands are having on their personal life. They are often left feeling guilty when they are home that they are not spending more time in the business and guilty when they are at work that they are not spending more time at home. It is a constant emotional tug of war.

The good news is we can help!!!

To learn more about our simple 5 Phase Approach for business owners who want to create a business that has a marketable value and is no longer 100% contingent on you, the owner so you can reach your ultimate dream business, stop working crazy hours, making excuses about family time and finally get back to the lifestyle you want on your own terms click on the link below.

The WELD Group Vision Statement:

To be the go-to Business Efficiency Consultants in North America in understanding how to reduce stress and recreate passion for business owners and to dramatically affect their ability to scale and monetize their business. So that it improves the wealth and viability of the business and enhances both the business owner’s professional and personal life.

The WELD Group Mission Statement:

To provide easy to follow processes, products, step by step plans and workshops for business owners to become fully connected with a vision for their business that excites them, to build a team that is as excited about the vision as they are, and to create a business that has a marketable value and is no longer 100% contingent on, the owner, allowing them to love their business again all while making massive amounts of money!

Why We Do What We Do

So many entrepreneurs begin a business based on a skill they absolutely love. As they begin to find success, they struggle to find enough time to handle all the demands of their rapidly growing business and their desire to live life on their own terms. They find themselves juggling the many hats of running a successful business and doing many tasks they don’t enjoy doing. As a result, they are moving further and further from the skill they love; that one thing that prompted them to start a business in the first place.

They quickly come to realize they need help and support to grow and begin to hire team members. As their team grows, they find they are still overwhelmed only now it’s with things such as keeping track of who is doing what, what tasks are complete and which are still outstanding and even who to go to for what tasks. They realize there has to be a better, more efficient way to run their business without it running them. They are starting to hate the very thing they love and want to get back to loving their business again.

Through our mission at The Weld Group, we want to change this and show entrepreneurs that there is an easy way you can reach your ultimate dream business, end the crazy hours, stop making excuses about family time, and finally get back to the lifestyle you want on your own terms!

The Weld Group’s Core Values

Commitment to Excellence

Always being proactive over reactive and never, ever compromising on our quality!


Always doing the right thing, no matter how hard, and even when no one is watching!

Team Attitude

Respect for each and every team member no matter the role they play in the big picture.

Open to Fresh Ideas and Approaches

Always striving to find new ways to improve and opening ourselves to other people’s ideas without an attitude of “my way or the highway.”

Open Communication

Keeping the lines of communication open, even when having a conversation is not easy.


We never say “I don’t know,” but rather take an I will figure it out approach to everything we do.


We believe you should never feel like something is tying you back from living your true purpose in life.

Our Values
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