Month: July 2019

No One Does Business in the Summer …. Not True!

People often make the mistake of thinking summer is a bad time to do business and grow your business, but I believe this statement is completely false. See while everyone else is taking a break this is a great time

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The SOS Trap – Let go of Shiny Object Syndrome

Do you often get distracted by “Shiny Object Syndrome”? Are you continually buying new products and courses because of the promise of bigger, better things? Do you find it hard to finish anything because you are constantly pursuing the next

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Creating a Procedure Manual for Your Business

One of the most common questions I am asked is what exactly should I include in my procedure manual. The following is a list of the eight common areas to cover and what each area should include: Operations       This

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Do You Have Enough Hours in a Day?

Lately, I have been speaking with so many entrepreneurs who feel there are not nearly enough hours in a day. They are feeling overwhelmed, overworked and just plain tired. Many feel they are so close to burnout they are afraid

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Does Your Biz Depend on You?

So often I am meeting with business owners and through our discussions, I realize just how dependent their business is on them. Although some have team members in place, often the team members are still turning to the business owner

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