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Strategy and Planning

According to a Harvard study, prior to graduation, it was determined that:

84% of the entire class had set no goals at all

13% of the class had set written goals but had no concrete plans

3% of the class had both written goals and concrete plans

The Results?

Well, you’ve likely somewhat guessed it. 10 years later, the 13% of the class that had set written goals but had not created plans, were making twice as much money as the 84% of the class that had set no goals at all.

However, the apparent kicker is that the 3% of the class that had both written goals and a plan, were making ten times as much as the rest of the 97% of the class. 

That bears repeating 10x as much as the rest of the class!

Imagine if in your business you not only wrote down goals, but you also had a plan to back your goals!!

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We Are the Missing Ingredient in Your Business

In our opinion, every successful business needs 3 key roles filled to reach their ultimate dream business; the visionary, the planner and the doer! We have discovered that many entrepreneurs are visionaries by nature and many have armed themselves with a team of task doers! This is the reason they have been able to create some success in their business! They could have even greater success if they just had the one ingredient many of them are missing; the plan to get them there!

The Weld Group is that missing ingredient and our primary focus is to act as the planner in the business and create the plan needed to achieve success.

We have been told by clients that our sweet spot in working with them is in strengthening their teams. They feel after working with us that they have the people on their team doing what needs to be done and feeling 100% satisfied in their role in the company. That together with their step-by-step plan for growth, both from an HR perspective and from an overall business vision, has them feeling more relaxed and excited with their business than they have in years.

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Business Assessments / Strategic Plans

Do you know things need to change in your business, but you just aren't sure how?

Our Business Assessment / Strategic Plans do just that; provide you with the roadmap you need to move forward in your business and make the changes that will have the greatest impact.

With this service we have four goals in mind:

  1. Where is your business today, what is the vision and what steps are needed to get from where you are today to achieving the business of your dreams?
  2. What role does each team member currently play in the company and is this the proper role for them to be playing based on their strengths?
  3. What are the key inefficiencies and time-wasters within both the business and the team and how can they be "solved"?
  4. What resources (team, programs, processes, support, etc.) can be leveraged or added to assist in reaching your goals and vision?

During the Business Assessment, you will be provided action steps that can be taken immediately to have the greatest impact.

Strategic Plans are created based on the information gathered during the Business Assessment and provide an easy to follow, detailed step-by-step plan to achieve their vision.

Typical Timeline for a Business Assessment / Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Planning Sessions are typically 1-3 days in length, depending on the size of your team and the scope of the key issues to be addressed. The following is a typical timeline and schedule:

2-3 weeks prior to our scheduled session

Zoom meeting (or phone call or in-person depending on location) with the owner of the Company to understand the key issues to be addressed in the planning session and set goals together for the outcome.

Day 1 - Morning

A meeting is held with your entire team to get a feel for the roles they currently play in the business and to understand their individual and team strengths.

Also, during this meeting we evaluate the team culture and determine the core values of the business and whether they are in alignment with current behaviours.

Day 1 - Afternoon

Your key team members (you choose who these are) then participate in an Efficiency Audit. This is as simple as being available to answer a number of questions in key areas of your business including such topics as:

  • Operations and Management structures
  • Business systems and processes
  • Team dynamics, training, delegation and project management
  • Marketing, sales and customer acquisitions
  • Customer service and retention
  • Services and products (and development of)
  • Finances, Budgeting and Cash flow
  • Priority management

Day 2 - Morning 

Individual interviews are conducted with each of your team members to obtain feedback in a safe and confidential environment

Note:  This is typically what will extend the planning session past 2 days. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a day and a half to conduct these interviews.

Day 2 (or 3) - Afternoon

The key team members (you choose who they are) are provided with preliminary observations and some key action steps that can be taken immediately.

Within 3 Weeks After Business Assessment

You are provided with your Strategic Plan document and we meet on Zoom (or in-person depending on the location) to discuss and answer questions.

Note:  Typically you will be provided the Strategic Plan documentation at least 48-hours prior to the scheduled meeting so you have time to review the document and put together questions based on the review.

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