We’ve all heard people say you can make money while you sleep, but is it truly possible?

The simple answer is yes!!

All you need is knowledge and the good thing is each of us have something in our heads to share! We all have those things we take for granted but others want to know!

Think about this question …

What is that one thing people are always wanting to “pick your brain” about?

That, my friends, is where the gold is!

Once you know the answer to this question the next step is determining how you will deliver it. There are so many options such as e-books, reports, online courses, events … the list goes on!

Here’s what you want to ask yourself … how much work are you willing to put in on the front end and how much work are you willing to put in on an on-going (but often temporary) basis?

If you have been considering adding residual income to your business, let’s chat so I can answer your questions such as how do I create one? what options do I have? what should I be asking as I work to create this? and so many others!

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