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Our team is able to take the exact strategies we use to help our clients to succeed in unlocking the full potential of their business and bring them to your audience.

We understand many business owners are becoming frustrated with their business AND their teams and know there is a better way, yet they continue to struggle and are on the verge of throwing in the towel. That's why we are on a mission to share this knowledge with as many practitioners as possible.

Being armed with this knowledge we know the information we bring to your audience will help you to make your next event (webinar, podcast, conference, seminar, training session, etc.) a success.

Yvonne Weld is a member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) and knows what it takes to not only educate but also entertain your audience. She will keep your audience engaged as she shares the information they need to move forward in their business.

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Unlock Your Business Potential: The Ultimate Employee Management Roadmap

By attending this workshop, your participants will discover strategies that will allow them to: 

  • Boost employee retention and reduce turnover. 
  • Improve team performance and productivity. 
  • Streamline operations for enhanced efficiency. 
  • Foster a culture of accountability and responsibility.
  • Create a positive work environment that drives success.

Don’t miss Unlock Your Business Potential: The Ultimate Employee Management Roadmap, a powerful speaking workshop that will guide you towards effective employee management strategies, inspired by the analogy of setting your GPS for success. This workshop is designed to address common pain points faced by business owners and managers such as high employee turnover and operational inefficiencies, providing actionable solutions to drive your team towards peak performance. 

In this interactive workshop, we will explore the three key steps to create a roadmap for employee management success. We'll begin by emphasizing the importance of knowing your destination and setting your GPS. Learn how to establish guidelines (G) that include implementing a structure and accountability framework, ensuring clarity in roles and responsibilities. Discover how to navigate the complexities of managing different personalities within your team (P) and how to find the right person for the right seat (S) to maximize productivity and team synergy. 

Accelerate your employee management efforts by understanding the significance of core values as the right fuel for your team. Explore strategies to align your team members with your core values and the importance of releasing the brakes by addressing employees who are not in alignment. Learn how to maintain your team's alignment and culture through effective discipline and praise based on core values. 

Put your business on cruise control by harnessing the power of standard operating procedures (SOPs). Discover how SOPs can provide structure, enhance efficiency, and allow you to focus on enjoying the journey of running your business. We will explore the challenges of running on empty due to excessive demands and the importance of incorporating rest stops through the transfer of trust. 

By the end of the workshop, you will walk away with a clear understanding of how to create an effective employee management roadmap. You will be equipped with practical strategies to address pain points such as high employee turnover, lack of accountability, and inconsistent performance. Attendees will gain insights on how to align their team with core values, develop SOPs for streamlined operations, and ultimately create a positive and productive work environment. 

Don't miss this opportunity to accelerate your employee management skills and gain the tools to take your team to new heights of success. Join us for the Employee Management Roadmap workshop and unlock the potential of your team today. 

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