In most cases, the simple answer is YOU! You have big dreams and goals and yet your business is not setup properly to accommodate that business growth. I believe there are the five things that hold most entrepreneurs back from having the success they truly want. Here is what I believe those five things are:

1.  Mindset

It is amazing to me when I am working with my clients that even though they say they want success, they don’t believe they can have it. I too never truly believed I could create a 6-figure business until I did. This is a limiting belief and too many of us have them. Visualization is a great way to improve your mindset. Take the time to write down exactly what you want your business to look like in five years. Describe it in full detail. What emotions do you feel? What will that mean for your business? For your life? For your family? Now that you are ingrained in that vision, pull it out and read it daily. It is possible if you just believe. I now am on my way to a 7-figure business and I believe you can have that too.

2.  You need systems

Systems are a critical component of a business. Too many business owners have their entire business in their head. This is fine when it is just you, or maybe even one or two employees. The problem is when you begin to add more and more members to your team, you cannot keep your business in your head. You need to take the time to document your business so anyone can step in, anytime! For more information on getting started documenting your business, click here to read this post.

3. Clearly defined goals are critical

I know you have heard it again and again, so I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you I would say goals are critical. Imagine you were going on a road trip. You are more likely to take the time to know where you are going, research the best route and maybe even the stops to make along the way. Of course, you could get there without any pre-planning, but the planning gets you there easier and sometimes faster. It’s the same way with goals. Goals are your roadmap to your destination. I suggest not only writing short-term and long-term goals but write out a 30-year plan too. What would you want your life and your business to look like in 30 years?

4.  Be willing to put in the time

It is true as a business owner you can come and go as you please but too often I see entrepreneurs take advantage of this. Remember others are watching you and want to know they can rely on you. Be willing to put in the work now to reap the rewards later, Your time will come. My mentor, Colin Sprake often says “you have to work 7 Mondays to get to 7 Saturdays.” Of course, I am not suggesting you should never take time off or work 24/7. Just be willing to do what it takes to build the business of your dreams.

5.  You need a team to depend on

It is fine to be a solopreneur if you are solely building a “hobby business,” as I call it. If you want to scale your business or even take time off, you need to consider a team. It is the only way to have the business growth you really desire. Stay tuned to future articles where I will share my tips on building a team you can rely on.

What other things do you see hold business owners back from seeing the growth they want? Be sure to comment below.