Your team is an integral part of your business. If you are like me you couldn’t imagine your business without them. Today I would like to share with you some ways to show how much you value them. Even without having to spend a dime.

Although now an employer, all the years I was on the other side I loved being recognized. A simple thank you or one of these gestures below meant a lot. To me, they symbolized that I was appreciated and valued.

When your team feels appreciated and valued they continue to want to please you. Let’s get started with some ways to say THANKS.

Thank them. Showing gratitude goes a long way. I myself never end a day without thanking my team! A simple, ‘thanks for all your hard work today.’ goes a long way!

Have realistic timelines. Nothing bothers your team more than expecting tasks completed in an unrealistic timeline. I always discuss with my team how long they think a task will take. Then together we set a deadline that works for both of us.

Add too many tasks to their plate. Often when we get good at delegating, we can get too good! LOL!! Be sure to check in with your team as to what is on their plate before adding new tasks.

Notes of encouragement mean a lot. A simple ‘I love working with you, you make my life so much easier,’ is often enough! I also like to slip a quick thank you note on their desk too.

Keep them informed. I always make sure my team knows what is going on in my business. They know as much as I do about prospects and also the goals I have. They loving feeling they are important enough for me to share this with them.

See them and treat them as an equal. As a valued team member I conduct quarterly brainstorming meetings. At these meetings I encourage them to bring ideas to the table. The most important aspect, respect their opinions and ask for their ideas. They love it even more when we implement one of their ideas!