Having a successful business is not an easy task. It takes hard work and dedication to build a successful business. Anyone that tells you it isn’t is lying to you! However, the key is to remember it is so worth it for those of us who love being entrepreneurs.

In today’s article, I share with you, what each business needs in their tool belt to be successful. And to measure up to others in their industry!

Tool Belt Item #1 – A Clear Vision

When you are going somewhere in your car, rarely would you ever simply get in your car and start driving. You always have a destination in mind. The same is true for your business; if you don’t know where you are going how will you know when you get there? Part of knowing where you are going is defining your vision.

It is important to take the time and write out the vision for your company including:

  • Your financial goals; how much do you want to earn?
  • Your client goals; how many clients do you want?
  • Your team goals; who do you want to support you?
  • Your service offerings; what exactly will you sell to your clients?
  • Your image of your business; the building where you work, the role your will play, etc.

Once you have clearly defined your vision you will know exactly where your business is headed.

Tool Belt Item #2 – Solid SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

As your business grows it becomes increasingly difficult to train everyone. You begin to trust those you have trained previously to train the next hires. The problem with this is it can often become like the game of telephone we played as young children. Each person interprets a task a certain way. The more these tasks are handed from person to person the more the task changes.

Too often where businesses struggle with success is not having everyone on the same page. When your clients work with you they expect a certain level of service. If you have not trained your team as to exactly what this looks like it will be difficult to deliver. So, if tasks are trained differently as they go through the levels of team members this is exactly what happens.

The solution is simple. You need to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). As the owner of the company, this is simply your methodology of how a procedure should be handled. When you have SOPs in place and all your team trains to the SOPs, you can be guaranteed no matter who completes a task for a client it will be done in the same manner. (And in the manner you want it performed in).

Tool Belt Item #3 – A Strong Team

A strong team is one that believes in your vision and is as vested in it as you. This is a lesson I learned recently and thus why I know the importance of this.

Many entrepreneurs believe what creates a strong team is hiring people with great work ethics and skillsets. However, without having a team who believes in your vision, loyalty and commitment are not as strong.

Tool Belt Item #4 – A Strong Why

Although vision is important, I believe it is important to also attach a strong why to your vision. Without a strong why, the emotional ties are not there. You will not have a “do or die” approach to having your vision come through to fruition.

Ask yourself “when my vision comes true how will my life be different?” This is how you find your why! Here are some examples of strong whys:

  • Having a lifestyle that means taking all the time off you want and deserve.
  • Being seen as an icon (or go to person) in your industry; notoriety.
  • Paying off debt and living a debt-free lifestyle.
  • Proving to others and yourself that you have what it takes to be successful.
  • Creating a lifestyle you want for your children that you yourself did not live.

Tool Belt Item #5 – An “I Can Do it” Mindset

Way too often what keeps an entrepreneur from finding their success comes down to action. If you don’t take action, your vision will stay a vision. You cannot simply wish for things to happen – you must take action!

Behind every action is a belief in the results. So, if you are not taking action, ask yourself this simple question … “do I believe my vision can happen?” When you believe in your vision nothing can stop you from taking action! And more importantly, you can see how it will change your life (that emotional why) So, commit to taking action every single day (no matter how big or small the action is)!

Bonus Tool Belt Item – A Strong Support Network

I know without the support of my husband and son I would not be where I am today in business. They understand that owning a business means sometimes working nights and weekends. I hear entrepreneurs share the reason they are slow to success is lack of time. Often because of lack of support at home.

If you struggle to have a support network at home, sit them down and share your vision and why. Then ask them for their support and what they need in return from you. Sometimes it simply takes having a conversation for you to get the support you so desire.