Business growth is simple when you know the four must follow steps to building a scaleable and saleable business.

In business, it can often feel as if there is a glass ceiling to your growth. You are ready to break through it and exponentially grow your business, you sometimes just don’t know how.

Here are the four steps I believe you must take to get there.

Workflows – Set up the systems that will allow you to grow

To have a truly scaleable and saleable business, it can not be a business dependent solely on you. I find way too many businesses are dependent on their owner. When something goes wrong the team goes to the owner to solve the problem. The truly successful businesses have a manual the team can refer to as opposed to the owner.

Taking the time to build your manual and document all your business systems is vital. If you are looking for a simple way to begin the documentation process click here to read about the simplest way.

Efficiency – Automate to save time and money and work more efficiently

Many of us are wasting time each day doing tasks that could be easily automated. If you are ready to gain time in your day, click here to read my list of the top 15 things to automate.

Leverage – leverage your time and your expertise

Imagine being able to make money when you aren’t working. That’s what leverage is about. Setting up your business with alternate revenue streams is a great way to leverage your expertise. Each one of us has information in our heads to share with others. The key is getting it out of your head and into a sellable product.

Leverage isn’t just about making money when you sleep. Ask yourself these questions too …

  • Are you spending your time wisely each day?
  • Is there someone (or something) who could do a task faster and more efficiently?
  • Are there more efficient uses for my money? Have I reviewed (or even set) my budget?
  • What are my core efficiencies? Am I doing tasks outside of this?
  • Am I spending enough time building my business or am I simply working in my business?

Delegation – building team is key

It will be very difficult to build a scaleable and saleable business by continuing to be solo in your business. Take the time to write a list of everything you do in your business. Now assign an hourly amount to that task. If it is under the amount that you are worth each hour, now is the time to delegate that task to someone else!

Now that you know the four steps to business growth, which steps have you taken? Which steps do you need to follow? Comment below with your thoughts.