2018 wasn’t the year I imagined it to be! Sure it was great and my sales were greater than I have ever experienced, however I now realize the biggest reason I didn’t have the success I wanted is because my plan was in my head!

I knew what I wanted out of 2018, but I hadn’t taken the time to really break it down into manageable chunks … to know my numbers and love them as so many of my previous mentors had taught me. So, although I had success I didn’t have the success I had dreamed about and envisioned for 2018. It was just an “okay” year!

So at the end of 2018 when I was making plans for 2019 I thought to myself instead of randomly pulling numbers out of my head I needed to have a plan! And today I am going to share my planning process with you!

First I started with my financial goal … how much did I want to make in 2019 and then asked myself was it feasible. See just wanting to make a certain amount of money and knowing you can make that amount of money are two different things. So, I broke it down into manageable chunks! This is what it looked like …

I know now that if I meet each of my goals for each of my services I will reach my target financial goal for 2019! The next step is how do I reach those goals? Wanting clients is one thing, obtaining them is something entirely different thus step #2 … the marketing plan! This is what it looks like …

The marketing plan is simple when you look at it this way … all I needed was to ask myself what ways will I market my business and what will it take to reach my client goals. So I broke it down into how I would market my business and then the number of each marketing method I felt it would take to attract the clients I am pursuing!

Since I am a visual person I knew that it needed to come out my head, out of my notebooks and onto the walls of my office where I would see it every day and be reminded of what it is going to take to reach my goals!

So, if you want 2019 to be a success for you as well, what is it going to take? What is your plan to make 2019 your best year ever? I invite you to share in the comments below!