I am asked this question so many times! The simple answer is yesterday LOL! There seems to be a line that people cross where on one side they don’t “need” a team and on the other side, it feels they waited too long. The key to success seems to be knowing exactly where that line is. That way you don’t cross it and find yourself stuck.

Most people wait until they have crossed that line and truly that is what creates most problems with teamwork. Finding the time to properly train someone is difficult, if not impossible when you have crossed that line! Instead of focusing on training you are focusing on production and meeting client needs. The latter is definitely something a team member could do for you. Making the time now to hire and train will pay off in dividends later. As much as you think you can’t afford a team member, you truly can’t afford not to hire a team member.

Here is something I want you to think about …

Even though you may think you can’t afford a team member (or a new team member) it is critical to your growth that you change that thinking. See when a team member is in place, it will free up your time immensely to focus on the things you should be focusing on.

Most business owners are currently spending 65% of their time on production and about 10% on sales and marketing. To be successful it needs to be the other way around. The only way to make that happen is to begin to delegate your production work.

When I hired my first team member I too thought, “oh my how will I make the time to train when I am so busy with client work?” See I waited too long and crossed that line. The first month of having that person in my office was challenging, but the payoff was huge. I was free to focus on building my business instead of being stuck working in my business.

So bottom line … you see now why I jokingly said hire yesterday! You really should have started your team yesterday. Now that you know all the reasons why I encourage you to start your search today.

Comment below with your stories of why you haven’t hired that first (or next) employee yet. Or even your stories of how much more you accomplished once you made that hire.