So many of us as entrepreneurs start projects and then get distracted by the first new idea or concept that comes along. If we would just remember that the only way we can make money from or reap the rewards of a concept is if we see it through to completion. Of course that is not as easy as it seems for many, but with these three simple keys I know that you can start seeing your concepts through to completion:

A – Action

If you do nothing – nothing will happen, but if you do something – something will happen. This phrase makes perfect sense doesn’t it? The concept is so visual and so easy to understand. If you make it a point to do something every single day to get you one step closer to completion then you will soon find that all of your ideas will come to fruition.

The biggest stumbling block that we face when trying to move from concept to completion is action, or rather the lack of action. Saying you are going to do something is NOT enough. Action is the only thing that will assist you in moving forward with your projects.

The easiest way to ensure that you will take action is to set aside time in your schedule each and every day (or week if that is more your style) dedicated solely to making your concepts a reality. Even better yet set a completion date for each step of your project and then do everything it takes to meet those dates. If you are not a good self-motivator than be sure to share those dates with an accountability partner that can hold you accountable to taking action.

B – Belief

The second key to moving from concept to completion is belief – believing that you have a great concept, believing that you can do it and believing that it will be successful.

If you allow doubt and fear to creep in you can easily become distracted from meeting your goals, however many of us fall victim to these very two mindset problems. You need to be confident in not only yourself, but in your concepts and perhaps the best way to do this is through due diligence. Take some time to make sure that what you are creating is something that is actually needed. Don’t be afraid to do some research and ask your target market some questions to ensure that your concept is truly needed and wanted.

When you know that your concept is needed and wanted it can be a huge driving force to giving you the motivation to believe in yourself. If you are still struggling with fear and doubt and you absolutely 100% know that your concept is fantastic then be sure to seek out a business coach or mentor that can help you with creating a mindset for success.

C – Consistency

Over and over we see the same things as entrepreneurs; shelves filled with products, concepts, ideas never quite completed because we allow ourselves to become distracted by our latest and greatest new concept. In order to see a project through to completion you MUST have consistency. Establishing a schedule for completion is a great way to do this. When you begin to realize that each and every Monday afternoon (or each and every day from 9am – 11am) you set aside the time to work on your project it will make it much easier to focus and see these concepts through to completion.

Consistency not only means setting aside the time on a consistent basis, but it also means consistently expecting the best from yourself. As a business owner you must be consistent in all aspects of your business. For example, if you are business coach focusing on time management, writing a report on healthy living would not make near as much sense as writing a report on finding balance between work and home. When you are consistent and build a reputation for yourself and your business in a certain area, creating successful products and completed concepts will be much easier.

Don’t try to be everything to everyone … find consistency in your business and in your concepts. Having a correlation between all of your services and products will make it much easier to see those concepts through to completion as you will be creating much needed products for an already existing database of clients.

Addressing the things that are holding you back from bringing your concepts through to completion will be a huge first step in actually moving towards completion. Don’t allow your mind to be distracted by the “next great thing,” but rather focus on what you currently have on your plate that you can complete.

If addressing these issues brings to light that there are aspects to completing your project that are left uncompleted because you just don’t know what that next step is then don’t be afraid to bring in an expert to assist. Just remember … the money invested to get that project completed and making you money is far better than the time “wasted” on a project that will never, ever see the light of day because you have taken it as far as you can.