As entrepreneurs we all want success, however many still struggle to find the business success they desire, whatever that might be.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 14 years and it has taken me until recently to discover exactly what business owners need to find this success … best part I am going to share it with you!

Role #1 – The Visionary

The first role is usually the easiest for the entrepreneur to fill because most entrepreneurs are naturals in this role. The visionary is the person in your business who is the idea person! Sometimes people who do not have this skill see visionaries as suffering from “shiny object syndrome!”

The important thing to know is that you cannot have a successful business without a vision … an idea for which to grow! So having a visionary in your business is critical. If you are an implementer or a planner and not a visionary, you may feel perhaps your business is stagnant and never grows. This could be because you are very content in just completing tasks for your clients.

If this sounds like you and deep down inside you want greater success than you have, you just don’t know what greater success looks like, you may want to hire a visionary to join your team.

Role #2 – The Planner

The Planner is often referred to as the Project Manager. I’m sure you’ve been around a planner before, especially when it comes to volunteer groups. This is the person who takes the idea and then begins to assemble the team and resources needed to make it happen.

They take the vision and break it into easily managed parts that can be delegated to the right people. Best part is they are natural delegators; they know exactly who to get to do the task and how to explain it to them to make it happen exactly as described in the visionary’s vision.

Many visionaries will say “I know where I want to go, I just don’t know where to go or what step I need to take first.” The Implementer will say, just tell me the steps to take and I will make the vision happen. The Planner is the person in the middle who says “I know exactly the steps to take!”

Role #3 – The Implementer

Nothing happens in business without someone who will take action on the plan. These people are the heart and soul of business. They love to be behind the scenes (most of the time behind the computer) and take the to-do list and bring it to life. Nothing makes these people happier than checking items off that list!

Endless times we hear business coaches and consultants say “you must take action.” The reality is that even though some entrepreneurs are looking for that illustrative “easy” button that Staples is known for, there honestly isn’t an easy button when it comes to success. The only way success comes is through implementation.

If you are a visionary, chances are good you are not an implementer (although don’t get me wrong some hold both skillsets). This is not to say you cannot implement, it’s just not where you are happy. If you are a visionary and not an implementer, you likely get partway through implementing an idea only to put it aside and begin to focus on a new idea that has popped into your head!

That’s why visionaries will often drive implementers “nuts” because they move from idea to idea and all the implementer wants to do is finish the implementation!

Is There Hope?

After working with many different business owners and analyzing their businesses, I have found those that were successful were because they had 3 roles filled in their business. Those that weren’t successful were not because one or more of these roles was misssed. The best part of all my analysis is that I have found the minute you ensure each of these roles are filled you too can begin to find the success you desire.

So for those of you without these roles filled, know there is a chance for you to stop struggling to find the success you desire. The key is being honest with yourself and knowing what roles you definitely don’t possess the skills for and then surrounding yourself with others who do.

If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you to understand exactly which of these roles you are currently fulfilling and how to find others to support you with the skills to fill the other roles (and even if, in fact, you have the right people in the right roles) click on the button below to schedule a time to chat!