Meet Yvonne

Yvonne Weld is the CEO and founder of The Weld Group and fulfills the role of Business Efficiency Consultant.

Yvonne grew up in a construction family. Her father had started a business based on his passion, but several years later he had a business that meant endless hours behind a desk, more and more stress, and ultimately a heart attack as a wake-up call, he knew it was time for a change!

Yvonne helped her father to create a business that allowed him to get out from his desk and back into the field where he loved to be - and to work less hours in the process so he no longer felt tied to his business! She was able to show her father how to create a business he began to love again and when he was ready to retire, together they had created a saleable business.

This process with her father inspired her own business, The Weld Group, and Yvonne has been assisting business owners for years to have the same success.

Whether you want more time focusing on what you love, you simply are tired of all that it takes to run a business, or you too want to create a saleable business… Yvonne can show you how you can achieve your goals!

Meet Yvonne Weld

It's not a matter of if, rather of when...The first-time life threw me one of those curveball moments and I had to step away from my business was on June 7, 2014. That was the day my whole world changed in a single text message. That message read something like ‘I’m sorry, but I just can’t do it anymore. Tell the kids I love them and I’m sorry.

Thankfully luck was on my side that day and we were able to save my husband. Even more thankfully I had taken the time to set up the systems, the processes, the structure, the automation, and the team that would allow me to take the time away from my business I needed.

When I first started my own business, I immediately set up systems and processes, automated what could be automated, and set up a team who knew my business as much as I did. At the time, it was an expense I didn’t think I could afford, but I did it anyways.  This all paid off on that day when I realized I needed to step away to support my husband in his mental health journey. I simply sent Patty (one of my team members) a text with one password that gave her access to everything. It was that moment I learned a valuable lesson… I couldn’t afford NOT to have a business that was prepared!

And neither can you …

“My family and I celebrating Easter right before my mom passed away.”

My second curveball came in 2016 when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I needed to put my life (and business) on hold and be there - not only to support her but to ensure I would create memories that would last a lifetime. Again, I needed to step away and my business was able to function without me just as it did in 2014.

These two curveballs are not the only times I needed to step away from my business since starting in 2006. There have been both short-term absences and long-term absences where my business has not only survived but thrived. And I owe all of that to the work I put in upfront. Imagine taking a vacation where you could totally unplug and even leave your phone at home. This is exactly what I have created for my business and I can do it for you too!

Ultimately, if it had not been for the early lesson I learned with my father’s heart attack, I might not have been prepared…

My Father’s Story

As I shared previously, at the age of 51 my father had a heart attack. At the time he worked in the field from sun up to sundown, taking breaks only to meet with new prospective clients. After dinner and on weekends, he would spend hours in his office doing the administrative tasks and preparing quotations for new work. The only time this wasn’t the case was when he was out at night attending community functions as a means of keeping his business at the forefront of his client’s minds.

I had known this lifestyle forever as my father had been an entrepreneur my entire life. Quite often I can remember eating dinner without my father as he dealt with some issue that had arisen that day at work. The thing is this lifestyle was not sustainable and the heart attack was evidence of this.

We had thought he learned this lesson six years earlier when at my wedding he professed to me that he felt badly he had missed out on my entire life. He swore that day he would not continue to make that same mistake. This lasted only a short time before he was back to his old ways. However, the heart attack was definitely the wake-up call he needed to make a change.

As a result of the heart attack, I did what I felt was necessary and left my corporate job to help him in his business. I took the time to help him set up the systems and automation that were lacking. This allowed him to stop working nights and weekends and actually spend more time with his family. Together we grew his business from three to fifteen team members. When it was time to retire it was easy for him to sell his business because everything was in place for someone new to easily step in.

This is possible for your business too!

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