Independent Business

Have you ever noticed when you go into a McDonalds or a Starbucks or even a Tim Hortons, whether it is in your local neighbourhood, another province, or even another country everything is the same? Your burger, your latte, or your coffee are always the same right down to the order they provide the toppings. Even the way they dress, the look and feel of the building, the language their team members use, and everything else about your experience are the same. Why is this?

It all comes down to systems… to a standard procedure for every aspect of the business.

Many business owners understand the importance of Standard Operating Procedures when it comes to Franchises, but do you know why they are important in your business?

Let me step back a minute and ask you a few questions…

Do you ever feel trapped by your business because it is 100% dependent on you showing up (or being available) every single day to run it?

Do you ever struggle to have your team deliver the same experience for your clients as you do, sometimes creating a need to back pedal just to keep your clients happy?

Have you ever experienced late night phone calls or interruptions on your vacation to handle something in your business?

Do you sometimes secretly hate your business, even though you couldn’t imagine anything different?

If any of the above statements had you think ‘Oh my, that is so true…’ the good news is Standard Operating Procedures WILL make a difference in your business.

When you work with The Weld Group we guarantee freedom from your day-to-day business responsibilities so that within 1-5 years your business can run by itself, and more importantly, have a tangible monetary value for investors.

This leaves you with the choice to decide how much or little you want to work in your business and the ability to sell your business on your own terms for what it is truly worth!

To learn more about how we can make this possible for your business, click below to schedule your discovery call.

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