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Health and Safety Management

When Yvonne was working in her father’s construction company, one of the things she assisted with was developing a complete Health and Safety program. Through her participation in an industry specific safety group, she was able to work with others in the industry to identify hazards specific to the construction industry and create policies and procedures to protect the workers.

In the last few years, one of the things Yvonne noted again and again was how many companies lacked a solid Health and Safety program. In most cases what existed was rudimentary and although health and safety was top of mind for the owner, it was not evident on paper.

Yvonne has sought training in this area due to the importance of this issue, especially in the construction industry. This training includes:

Joint Health and Safety Committee certification through the Ontario Safety Group

Fanshawe College courses in:

Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

Health and Safety Management Systems

Using this knowledge, Yvonne can provide a company specific Health and Safety Management system for your business including a policy, plan, and procedures for all of the elements of safety that will keep your workers safe.

In addition, we offer on-going Health and Safety maintenance programs which means we assist you in ensuring your business continues to operate in a safe and healthy manner and meets (or exceeds) all government standards.

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