Family-Run Business

“Many of our clients are part of a family-run business; including my father back when I worked with him. My brother and myself were both a part of his business and he was so proud to have us there with him day in and day out as we built the business together.

I can remember my mother talking about how she had taken her knitting and plopped herself down in a waiting room chair for hours on end at one of my Dad’s clients to wait while the administrative assistant tracked down the owner to sign a cheque because my Dad was struggling to get them to release funds to him. My mom felt this was her own little way of supporting my Dad in his business.

I am sure my Dad would have loved to have the legacy of passing the business on and in fact asked my brother and myself if we were interested in continuing the business. Although it was not meant to be in our case, the way we had built the business meant we could have easily made that transition.

Again, and again I hear that same pride in my client’s voices as they describe their business and ultimately their goal to pass the torch to their sons and/or daughters some day! They share with me stories of how their spouses are helping them too and sometimes even have taken over the administrative and bookkeeping roles in the business.

Often with these clients they have their own set of challenges that come with working in a family business. Since our team understands those challenges our services are catered to the special needs of business owners who have family members helping them in their business. When we work with these clients, we are able to work with everyone to achieve both their mutual and individual goals.”

Yvonne Weld, CEO

Yvonne understands how boundaries between family time and work time can be blurred, especially in a family-run business.  More importantly, she understands how having multiple family members in the same business can influence your personal life.

When both parents are part of the business, they often feel guilty about not working when they are at home, and when they are at work, they feel guilty about not spending more time at home. It can be a constant emotional tug of war if you let it!

At The Weld Group, our specialized approach allows you to find some of the work-life balance you are craving and still build a business on your own terms. Our goal is to help each of you reach your ultimate dream business (and life), end the crazy hours, stop making excuses about family time, and finally get back to the lifestyle you (all) want on your own terms!

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